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Since 1989, STI Co., LTD has developed thermal treatment equipment using electric energy, and currently focusing on optical fiber preform manufacturing equipment business that has global No.1 technology. In addition, STI is leading environmental business that reduces emission of pollutants as disposing carcass by alkaline hydrolysis; Electric furnace and electric kiln business for plasticity of semiconductor ceramic.

We sincerely appreciate our customers who have been supporting our development, and we will continue to become a world-class company specializing in thermal technology.

Recently, STI was recognized for growth potential as a global specialized corporation through the selection of World Class 300. We will become a corporation enhancing customer value and satisfaction by securing competitiveness through challenges and innovation.

Additionally, we will fulfill corporate social responsibility and lead culture of growing together.

Company Overview

  • Company

    STI Co., LTD

  • CEO

    Taeil Seo

  • Establishment

    24. July. 2007
    (Initial Est. February. 1989)

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  • Address

    Head office : 39 Sechoenro 7-gil, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
    Gumi Factory : 104-75 Sanhodaer, Gumi, Gyeongsangbukdo

  • sti opm

    Optical Fiber Preform Manufacturing Equipment Business
    Possession of global No.1 technology
    Global info-communication industry

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  • sti ecosys

    Environmental Business
    Eco-friendly equipment and service for livestock carcass disposal
    Eco-friendly Business/Recycling Business/Animal welfare Business/Disinfection Business

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  • sti furnace

    Electric furnace Business
    Global top-level thermal treatment technology
    Research and development of heating device for new material

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  • sti kiln

    Electric kiln Business
    Development of simple and convenient electric kiln
    Using solid reductant for the first time in the world.

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